Nurture The Children

School Feeding & Food Banks

We need your help to do more.

Over 5,000 school children rely on us for their only daily meal.

Our meals give children the energy boost they need after trekking long distances to school, to avoid tiredness and sleep, and remain focused in class.

Poverty and hunger lead many children to skip school, and beg on the streets. £750 feeds an entire school for 1 week.

Children on the streets are more susceptible to dangers, like drugs, exploitation, and recruitment into violence.

NTC school meals provide health and hope

NTC meals serve as a huge incentive for children to attend and remain in school, stay off the streets, and avoid the dangers.

Our community food banks and school kitchens provide over 5,000 children with their only assured and nutritious meal each day, but we need your help to keep them open.

Why We Need Your Help

  • NTC provides 2,250,000 meals every year
  • £750 feeds an entire school for 1 week
  • All our kitchen staff are volunteers

Schools We Support

  • RCM Primary School Zaraganda, Jos
  • LEA Primary School Chinye, Miango
  • Ekan Primary School, Hwolshe, Jos

Your Donation Will Provide

  • £20 provides 120 meals
  • £50 provides 300 meals
  • £100 provides 600 meals

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