Boiled egg

provides vital nutrients to school children and displaced people in Nigeria.

Over 80,000 displaced children received nourishment from boiled eggs distributed by NTC last year.

We need your help to do more.

Our egg distribution programs work alongside NTC outreach tours, to improve the health of school children and desperate families living in camps for internally displaced people (IDP’s) across Plateau State in Nigeria.

As well as our work in schools, last year NTC helped over 150,000 displaced people fleeing violence and killing at the hands of Boko Haram, and groups of tribal herdsmen.

It is still very dangerous, sometimes impossible, for them to return home. With our support, these people are surviving deplorable camp living conditions, while they wait to be re-settled across the country.

NTC distributes boiled eggs

Boiled eggs are a simple and effective source of daily nourishment, ideal for strengthening children’s immune systems.

Over 80,000 refugee children have received nourishment from our egg distribution programmes. But while the violence they are escaping continues, we need your help to do more.

Why We Need Your Help

  • NTC provides boiled eggs to over 80,000 children
  • Our 36 outreach tours distribute over 750,000 eggs each year
  • Each egg distribution program costs over £5,500

Communities We Support

  • Bassa Local Government Council
  • Riyom Local Government Council
  • Pwomol
  • Heipang, Barkin Ladi Local Government Council
  • Anguldi, Jos South

Your Donation Will Provide

  • £20 provides 8 crates of fresh eggs
  • £50 provides 21 crates of fresh eggs
  • £100 provides 42 crates of fresh eggs

NTC in action: boiled egg distribution

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