This Christmas 2020 will be a very strange time for all this year, families have been isolated because of the restrictions placed on the entire world to stop the virus spreading. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic this year fund raising charities have suffered dramatically and as a result children have suffered. Nurture the Children are raising money to give a child a hot meal and gift for Christmas this year. Just £2 will provide a hot meal and gift for each child. All children no matter where they live have the right to an education. One in every 5 of the worlds population who are out of school are in Nigeria. If we can provide a hot meal we can encourage parents to send their children to school.

Our 5000 NTC kids are scattered across four IDP Camps, in the following locations:
1. Bassa
2. Pwomol
3. Heipang
4. Anguldi

All these children look to us for occasional medical attention and the hope of sponsored education. In the past few years, we have not been able to hit our target of sending our NTC Father Christmas to all of these IDP (internally displaced persons) camps.

These children have no homes or beds of their own and cannot afford to be in school and the government is yet to provide their families decent accommodation. Last year temperature dipped to 7 degrees Celsius and many of the children do not have sock and any winter clothing, and the families were ill-prepared. With your help we can provide warmth for each child this harmattan (winter).

With a donation of £2 per child, we are hoping to hit our target of £10,000 with your help to reach all 5000 at the four camps with hot Christmas meals, a piece of warm clothing and a gift.

Together, LET US make this COVID CHISTMAS special for these ones and this SEASON OF LOVE!

We have barely three week until Christmas.

Please invite your family and friends to donate!

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We understand that there are high levels of internet fraud at this time of the year if you wish yo make a direct donation to our charity account, here are the details below, please reference: CHRISTMAS DONATION.

Account Name: Nurture the Children (FBMADFC) LTD
Account Number: 93138747
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Join in the fun of our Online Christmas programmes and STOP COVID FROM STEALING CHRISTMAS!