Interview with Lydia Maric, NTC runner

On Sunday 4th July 2021, Lydia Maric successfully completed a Sonning 10k in aid of Nurture The Children International. All Lydia’s efforts in training paid off as she impressively finished the distance in just over an hour. Your donations on behalf of Lydia, will support our continuing efforts to provide children with education, food, clean water, and medication. This week we interviewed Lydia to find out more about her and why she has chosen to fight for NTC’s cause. Why did you decide to become a volunteer for Nurture the Children International? I decided to get involved because it is children who are in need the most and I enjoy giving back to my community. I am not happy to sit back and accept poverty and there is no better way to tackle the problem than to directly get involved and contribute. I have now been a volunteer for 3 months and am excited to see what else I can get involved in long-term. I would encourage all new and old volunteers to personally contribute to fundraising efforts because it is the best way to have a positive impact and help the children in need. Why did you choose to fundraise by running? I am a very active person and enjoy exercise and regularly run and swim. Choosing a 10k seemed like a difficult challenge but for a good cause and something I knew I would be able to push myself to do. What is your fundraising goal? I would love to raise £1000 or even more if possible. Although my initial 10k run is taking place this Sunday, what I really want to strive for is running a 10k on a regular basis, perhaps even making it a weekly event, because it is a great way of raising money and something that I really do enjoy. Hopefully I can raise awareness for the charity and encourage some other participants to join in and fundraise alongside me.

How have you been training and getting ready? I am committed to training every day and this includes running 5k and then practicing the whole distance on a Friday. I join spin classes to keep up my vascular strength, focus on cardio and maintaining a healthy protein packed diet. I am currently training solo as I have not yet found a running partner but would love to find someone who could run alongside me and join in fundraising for Nurture the Children. What are your passions in life? I am of course a very naturally sporty person and enjoy keeping up with the major sporting events every year. I have been watching the Wimbledon Tennis and following the Euro’s. Of course I also am passionate about helping to end poverty and supporting the children in Nigeria who are most in need of the things we take for granted. If you would still like to donate, please click here. Lydia would like to thank everyone in advance for their contributions. Written by Ysabella Atik