Clean Water For Schools

We need your help to do more.

NTC helps 15,000 school pupils keep hydrated and clean​

Our water projects keep children well-hydrated and healthy, so they are up to 80% more likely to stay well, and attend school. It costs over £6,000 per month.

Early in the morning, many children trek long distances before school, to find sufficient water clean enough to drink, or wash with.

Poor hygiene and fatigue cause pupils to arrive at lessons tired, or miss school altogether through illness.

NTC water provides health and hydration

Many children we help cannot afford water, or a clean bottle, to keep themselves healthy.

NTC provides daily water at 3 schools, keeping 15,000 pupils healthy and well-hydrated. The water is also used for cooking in our Community School Kitchens.

With your help we can keep our water supplies flowing, provide water to more schools, and manage our own water transportation which will save money.

Why We Need Your Help

  • NTC provides 2,250,000 meals every year
  • £750 feeds an entire school for 1 week
  • All our kitchen staff are volunteers

Schools We Support

  • RCM Primary School Zaraganda, Jos
  • LEA Primary School Chinye, Miango
  • Ekan Primary School, Hwolshe, Jos

Your Donation Will Provide

  • £20 provides 120 meals
  • £50 provides 300 meals
  • £100 provides 600 meals

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