BBC’s Children in Need is an annual telethon that aims to raise money for disadvantaged children and young people. Running since 21 November 1980, the fundraiser brings together a host of celebrities to perform music, sketches, comedy routines, challenges and more in the effort that viewers around the United Kingdom will feel generous enough to donate money.

The telethon, kindly supported by the friendly-faced mascot, Pudsey the Bear, broadcasts on the UK’s most well-known television broadcasting network, BBC. It works by allowing UK citizens to call in, text or visit the Children in Need website to donate a sum of money of their own choice.

Using the money raised by the British public, Children in Need work closely with local and smaller charities and organisations to help overcome difficulties faced by children and young people.

Last year alone, they supported over 550,000 children affected by a range of issues such as illness, poverty, disability etc. Children in Need have worked to help make a substantial difference in children and young people’s lives.
– 261,000 have stronger self-belief
– 256,000 enjoy better relationships
– 174,000 have stronger wellbeing
– 117,000 are more empowered
– 101,000 have better physical wellbeing
– And more

One of the more pressing issues facing children and young people around the globe is their mental health and wellbeing. The pandemic meant that those already facing problems now also have to bear the negative effects on their mental health. From menial activities like taking them out to the park to being able to socialise at school – children are no longer being able to live a normal life which is now causing long-term impacts on their emotional wellbeing.

Children in Need currently funds 2,548 projects that support thousands of children who are struggling with their mental health. 75% of all adult mental health issues are established before the age of 18 years old and with the harsh effects of the pandemic, this number is on the rise.

A Million and Me programme has been designed to encourage open conversations with children so that they can flourish with good mental health. With this, we have learned that it is important for children to talk about their emotions and that adults shouldn’t undermine their importance. As well as that, culturally appropriate responses are needed for different racial, gender and ability groups.

Nurture the Children’s Love Peace Programme aims to provide the same help that Children in Need are supporting. By challenging issues around violence, we aim to provide a better course of action to those young people suffering from mental health and wellbeing disadvantages. The Love Peace Programme works with children, aged 4-17 and aims to promote cultural awareness on issues surrounding mental health and wellbeing. This is to ensure that children build self-confidence as well as to give them the tools to protect them from bullying and peer pressure, making it similar to the ethos that Children in Need follow.

BBC’s Children in Need will take place on 12 November 2021. To donate, visit their website

And of course, you are always welcome to donate on our website.

Author: Mariam Aziz