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Nurture The Children International provides an opportunity to join the fight against poverty globally.

Supporting our education, feeding, water, and health programs provides individual sponsors a simple way to support the world’s most vulnerable children and put an end to child hunger, poverty, and exploitation.

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About Us | Our Projects

Find out how NTC helps some of the world’s most vulnerable children


School Feeding & Food Banks

Our meals give children the energy boost they need after trekking long distances to school, to avoid tiredness and sleep, and remain focused in class.

Clean Water For Schools

Our water projects keep children well-hydrated and healthy, so they are up to 80% more likely to stay well, and attend school. It costs over £6,000 per month.

Sponsor a Child

12.5 million Nigerian children don’t go to school. 98% of the children we have registered are looking for a school sponsor.

School Feeding & Food Banks

Our meals give children the energy boost they need after trekking long distances to school, to avoid tiredness and sleep, and remain focused in class.

Clean Water For Schools

Our water projects keep children well-hydrated and healthy, so they are up to 80% more likely to stay well, and attend school. It costs over £6,000 per month.

Sponsor a Child

12.5 million Nigerian children don’t go to school. 98% of the children we have registered are looking for a school sponsor.

About Us | Fundraising

Find out how NTC raises funds to make a real difference to children’s lives, get involved with some of our projects below.


Make A Donation

Your donations help keep our NTC Community Food Banks and Kitchens open, and provides health care to keep children fit and well.

Sponsor A Child

12.5 million Nigerian children don’t go to school. NTC school sponsorship provides care and stability, a uniform, and long-term hope for these children

Become A Volunteer

This is your chance to get involved with designing fun fundraising ideas for NTC, and gain valuable skills too making them into reality.

About Us | Our People

Felicia Joel Pwol

President NTC International / VP Finance

Passionate about child welfare, and fuelled by her own experiences growing up in Northern Nigeria, Felicia founded NTC in 2012. She holds a first class Masters in Business Administration, and research positions within Nigerian federal state feeding programmes. Her vision for child welfare and development is encapsulated in the NTC’s motto ‘No child should watch the sun rise and set again on an empty stomach’.

Laura Labrou

VP Resource Development, UK

Laura brings a wealth of academic and personal experience. She holds a B.Sc. in Psychology, and is currently pursuing a post-graduate course at Cambridge University in Adolescent Psychotherapy Counselling. She also brings extensive first-hand working practice in UK schools, and child development programmes in Greece. ‘Life experience’ she says ‘fuelled her passion to join NTC.’


Stuart Baird

VP Project Management, UK

Stuart holds a B.A. (Hons) in Criminology and B.Sc. in Mental Health Nursing. He lives in the UK with his family, where he currently works as a nurse. Previously, Stuart has travelled to Kenya, working on a charitable school-building program, giving him first-hand experience of the challenges presented by infrastructure and large-scale feeding projects, in locations similar to Central & Northern Nigeria.


Lindsay Sandison

VP People and Campaigns UK

Lindsay’s biggest passion in life is looking after creatures, whether with two or four legs (probably the latter are best!) and raising money for charities.

From the age of six, she knew she wanted to be a nurse, and ultimately trained at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital and the Middlesex Hospital, rising to be a Sister. Alongside this training, she also modelled for a quite prestigious agency, which helped subsidize the very low nurse’s salary!

Mr Davou Yusufu Pwol-Ja, M.A.

VP Finance, Nigeria

Davou holds an M.A. in International Law & Diplomacy. His career includes Chairman of the Editorial Board to The Nigerian Standard Group of Newspapers, Honorary Secretary to Plateau Chamber of Commerce, and Director of Lion Bank, Nigeria. He has travelled widely on the international press duties including attending both the Commonwealth Press Conference and International Institute General Assembly.


Theodora Joel

VP Resource Development, Nigeria

Theodora is headmistress of one of the foremost primary schools in her state. Her started her teaching career after obtaining the Teacher’s Grade Two certificate, a Diploma in Community Development and Adult Education, followed by a B.Ed (Social Studies Educ.) then the M.Ed (Admin and Planning) from the University of Jos.

She is an active church member of the Anglican communion and International Rotary Club, and has travelled widely in Britain, the Netherlands, Egypt, Israel and Spain.


Arc. Paul Felix Yilleng

VP Project Management, Nigeria

Yilleng Paul holds a B.Sc and M.Sc in Architecture from the University Of Jos, Nigeria. He is widely practiced within the Nigerian design and construction industries, and has an enviable reputation for genuine creative passion and an incredible attention for detail. Having recently undertaken advanced workshops and training on business entrepreneurship, he has combined his technical background and skills, to realise a high quality education-based furniture manufacturing venture.


Rev. James G. Pam

VP People and Campaigns Nigeria

Rev. James G. Pam holds a Masters Degree in Banking and Finance and has held several positions in the banking industry. He has been a lecturer with the University of Jos, Nigeria, for the past 13 years. He is also an ordained clergyman who is currently a School Chaplain. His sympathy for marginalized minorities in his country and his strong desire to contribute toward the alleviation of their plight led him to establish the Association of Middle Belt Ethnic Nationalities (ASOMBEN) in 2012 along with other persons of similar persuasion. The Association is involved with advocacy. It also does fund raising, research and position paper presentation on its own and in collaboration with other philanthropic organizations.


Ms. Carol Jones

VP Finance, USA

Carol is a trendy and vibrant senior citizen whose seasoned guidance has been vital to the operations of the charity. She studied Psychology/Religion at Immaculate Heart College, Los Angeles. She also studied Psychology at Pacific Oaks College, where she obtained a Masters of the Art. In 2008 she studied Chaplaincy at Methodist Hospital of Southern California.
Carol worked in the department of children and family services at the County of Los Angeles. She has decades of experience working with children and families dealing with various forms of trauma.
She has been given the esteemed title of ‘Ngo’ which means ‘Mother’, by the Nigerian community, particularly the Berom people, in the USA who have become fond of her for her love and care towards them. This is evident in her contributions towards Nurture the Children International in our plans to put an end to poverty and hunger in communities continually visited with crises and terrorist attacks.


Prof. Bala Musa

VP Resource Development, USA

Prof. Bala Musa has taught at universities in Nigeria and the U.S. and has served as visiting professor and external examiner for universities in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. He is the author and editor of numerous academic books, book chapters, and journal articles. He combines a passion for research in inter-group dialogue with a commitment to promoting peace-building, community development, as well as youth and leadership development.


Nash Y. Pwol, Ph.D.

VP Project Development, USA

Nash holds Ph.D in Child Psychology. His extensive studies in the US on the effects of psychological trauma on children and adolescents, add a much-needed dimension to NTC’s program. ‘Experience’, he says, ‘has shown that left unaddressed, psychological trauma could impede the maturation process in these age groups when the destruction of a promising future becomes eminent.’


Dr. Thewodros

Director / ACPE Educator

The Rev Dr. Thewodros [Ted] Asfaw, CE-ACPE, is an ordained Seventh – day Adventist minister. He is a native of Ethiopia and a naturalized American Citizen who arrived to the United States in 1985. He holds a BA and M.Div. degree from Andrews University, Michigan and a D. Min. degree from United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. He was trained in the South Central Region has worked in four different regions as an ACPE Supervisor. In 2007 Rev. Dr. Asfaw is one of the recipients of ACPE’s Helen Flanders Dunbar Award for the pioneering team work in conducting the first official ACPE Unit at Africa University, in Mutare, Zimbabwe.

Rev. Dr. Asfaw has served in leadership and administrative roles as Operations Manager of a Pastoral Care Department and CPE Program in Missouri (1997-2006); Regional Director of Spiritual Care Department and a CPE Center in Maryland; an ACPE Educator in New York (2011-2013) and Director of Spiritual Care and CPE Center in Pennsylvania (2013-2016). During these years, he worked to establish Satellite CPE Centers and brought them to b full Accredited Centers. He also participated as a member of several Accreditation Site Teams, an ACPE-REM Regional Representative, and a member of Accreditation Commission and Certification Committees.

In May 2016, Rev. Dr. Asfaw became the AACPE Certified Educator and Manager of Clinical Pastoral Education Program at Dignity Health Arizona Hospital Corpus Christi at Dignity Health Arizona Health System as in Corpus Christi, Texas. In August 2017, Rev. Dr. Asfaw was recruited and started his role of being the Director of Chaplain Services and Spiritual Care Department with the mission and vision of starting a new Sisters of Mercy Clinical Pastoral Education Center at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center Chaplain Services Department in Phoenix, Arizona to serve all the others facilities of Southwest Division of Dignity Health.

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