Your donation will do amazing things


How your donation helps?

NTC provides nutritional, medical, emotional and educational support to children affected by poverty and unrest in Nigeria.

We believe these children are the future. With your help, we can return their lives towards normality, keeping them safe from hunger, illness, kidnapping, or violent attack.

We need your help to do more

Your donations help keep our NTC Community Food Banks and Kitchens open to provide 5,000 children with their daily school meals. Your help also provides health care, protecting tens of thousands of NTC children to keep them fit and well.

Your generous educational sponsorships provide long-lasting stability, so hundreds of NTC children can have a better chance at a brighter future.

We also help children in the UK

NTC also works with children’s welfare programmes in the UK, improving children’s mental health through innovative international correspondence projects, putting children in the UK in touch with NTC children in Nigeria.

Why We Need Your Help

  • NTC provides 2,250,000 meals every year
  • Our medical outreach helps 80,000 children
  • 15,000 school children drink clean water provided by NTC

Schools We Support

  • RCM Primary School Zaraganda, Jos
  • LEA Primary School Chinye, Miango
  • Ekan Primary School, Hwolshe, Jos

Communities We Support

  • Bassa, Kogo State & Riyom, Plateau State
  • Anguldi, Pwomol & Heipang, Jos

Your Donation Will Provide

  • £20 provides 120 meals, or medicine for 5 people
  • £50 provides 300 meals, or medicine for 15 people
  • £100 provides 600 meals, or medicine for 30 people

Your generosity provides help like this:

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