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Challenging issues around violence, mental health & wellbeing for young people in the UK.


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What People Say

  • “This is a brilliant programme! I will make photocopies of the children’s letters to their pen pal. They children had so much fun learning.”

    - Mrs. John Year 6 Teacher R. J. Mitchell Primary School
  • “We received a lot of very good feedback from the Headteachers. We would like you to deliver the Love Peace Programme in more schools across Havering.”

    - Mrs. Clegg Schools Inclusion Lead & Alternative Provision Commissioner
  • “We’d love for you to teach the Love Peace Programme anthem to the entire school!”

    - Mrs. M. Baxter Home School Support Draper's Pyrgo Priory Primary School.

  • “The children absolutely enjoyed the delivery.”

    - Ms. Westmore Inclusion Manager St. Alban's Catholic Primary School
  • “The children were very excited and came running into my office, teaching me the sign language and LPP anthem, they had learned.”

    - Mr. Read Headteacher R.J. Mitchell Primary School

NTC has been awarded a £10,000 National Lottery grant to develop our Love Peace Programme and launch it in Havering.

Thank you to the National Lottery.

Nurture The Children (NTC) was awarded a National Lottery grant on 03 September 2019 to work with children between the ages of 4 and 17, on a cultural awareness projects aimed at challenging issues surrounding violence, mental health and wellbeing.

Thanks to the lottery funding, volunteers from the charity will be working with children from different cultural and ethnical backgrounds, in sessions lasting approximately 1-hour*, designed to teach them about the disastrous consequences of violence and the importance of peace. It will also involve teaching the NTC LPP Anthem to all the children in British Sign Language (BSL), so that everyone including hearing impaired children, will be able learn our beautiful theme.

Students will also be learning about the lives and stories of people like Nobel Peace Prize winners Nelson Mandela and Malala Yousafzai to show that strong-willed individuals can make a huge difference. The children will be taught they too can stand up for what is right, and be confident in facing challenges such as physical and cyber bullying, and other pressures from social media.

NTC Pen-pal Scheme

Under an adult-supervised process, Nurture The Children also links younger people with students in Nigeria through the charity’s pen-pal programme. Children in the UK can exchange letters with Nigerian students who are supported by NTC’s Sponsor A Childschool kitchen and community food bank projects in northern Nigeria.

By understanding how violence affects children in Nigeria, NTC hopes UK students will develop a more positive outlook on their own future, appreciating their position and avoiding involvement in violent behaviour, knife crime and gang culture.

How to Get Involved

*If you are interested in getting your school involved, contact us to talk through your curriculum and lesson requirements – we can adjust sessions times to fit in with your existing timetable. Click the button below to get involved, or call us on +44 (0) 7932 496670.


Our Scheme Features

  • Peace Appreciation Session
  • Building Mental Resilience
  • NTC Pen-pal Scheme
  • Learning Our LPP Anthem in BSL

Communities We Work With

  • Havering Local Council

Your Donation Will Provide

Your donations help us to cover the costs of learning, tools & materials, staff training, and logistics:

  • £5 provides a 1-hour session for one child in a London Borough
  • £20 provides all 3 NTC Love Peace sessions for one child in the UK
  • £100 provides all 3 NTC Love Peace sessions for 5 children in the UK
  • £350 provides all 3 NTC Love Peace sessions for a class of 30 students in the UK
  • £10,000 provides all 3 NTC Love Peace sessions tailored (for Key Stages 1&2 and older) sessions for an entire school, usually 900 pupils

NTC Work: Love Peace Programme in Havering

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